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2014/S 116-205772
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Contract Notice
Published Date:
19 June 2014
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15 July 2014
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GIEK [The Norwegian Guarantee Institute for Export Credits] has large exposure to offshore oil and gas. This concerns particularly high end devices within the following segments: ultra deep water drilling vessel, construction ship, platform supply ship, tugboat and seismic ship. It is therefore important for GIEK to have a good understanding and insight to the drivers and activities within oil and gas. GIEK prepares internal market analysis and a market view within the offshore segment where GIEK has exposure. The analysis' and the market view is used to input the credit rating of an individual case, as well as evaluating continuous engagement, including assessment of the risk in GIEK's portfolio. The market view will also be an important basis for the determination of GIEK's credit policy.It is crucial for GIEK to have good access to market information both on macro and micro levels.The purpose of this procurement is to procure one or more data sources to cover the purpose described above.An important information source for GIEK's analysis work within offshore will be databases with good depth and quality within offshore field development projects, and supply and demand for offshore vessels.
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