Foreign economic-aid-related services

Notice number:
2014/S 116-205288
Contract Value:
GBP 9M - 9M
Notice Type:
Contract award notice
Published Date:
19 June 2014
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UKM38 South Lanarkshire (UNITED KINGDOM)
This programme aims to strengthen evidence-based HIV prevention programming through establishing ‘good practice' in using research and routine data for HIV prevention in adolescents, LGBTI and prisoners in the Southern African Region. The programme will develop evidence as a public good to strengthen the HIV and health response. It is expected that the programme will have an impact far beyond the selected vulnerable group (adolescents, LGBTI and prisoners). The main programme element will be a Regional Research and Innovations Fund, which will be established by UK Department for International Development (DFID). The fund will support operational research of innovative efficacious prevention interventions that promise to make a difference for HIV incidence among adolescents, LGBTI or prisoners. The programme will also support capacity building on the use of research findings, which will be done through linking core research institutions to policymaking environments as well as key civil society organisation (through innovative mechanisms such as temporary staff exchanges, and more conventional ones including workshops and study visits). To complement the work with vulnerable groups, the programme will contract civil society organisations to support the human rights of these groups. In addition, the programme will support evaluation work by the World Bank Global HIV Programme. The Service Provider will plan, implement and manage the entire programme, as well as the Research and Innovations Fund, which will, in a competitive manner, allocate funding to high quality and suitable operational research programmes. The Service Provider will also develop and implement the innovative capacity building component of the programme, which aims to establish sustained institutional partnerships between partners in academia, the public sector and civil society. The Service Provider will commission the most suitable civil society organisations to manage the political dialogue/advocacy for rights of vulnerable groups. The Service Provider will also liaise closely with the World Bank Global HIV Programme and align the Bank's work to the core programme work as much as possible. DFID are looking for a suitable Service Provider with strong skills and expertise in the areas of managing programmes of development cooperation, research of health (ideally HIV) interventions and work experience and knowledge of the Southern African Region.
Awarded to:
Service Provider for Southern Africa Regional HIV Prevention Evidence Programme
Mott Macdonald Ltd, Croydon (UK)
The Buyer:
Department for International Development
Research services, Research and development consultancy services, Foreign economic-aid-related services