Spectroscopy devices

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2014/S 118-209160
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Contract Notice
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21 June 2014
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08 August 2014
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DK013 Nordsjælland (DANMARK)
We are looking for a Raman spectroscopy system, which primarily will be used for in situ studies of batteries, heterogeneous catalysts and ceramic electrochemical cells. Due to the various applications of the Raman spectroscopy system, it must be flexible with respect to mounting of different ready-made and home-made in situ testhouses. Especially the in situ tests of the ceramic electrochemical cells imposes some restrictions on the set-up, as these cells are operated at 300-850 °C under a continuous gas-flow and while subjected to electrical polarization. Thus during operation of the Raman spectroscopy system, there must be access for both electrical leads and gas connections to the in situ testhouse. Two “measurement stations” are wished in the setup, a Raman microscopy station to allow for detailed, confocal Raman studies and a station using a microscopy objective connected with a glasfiber cable to the spectrometer, to allow for Raman investigations using taller in situ furnaces with a possible larger heat dissipation. For safety reasons, it must be possible to place the two measurement stations inside a fume cupboard. Three lasers (NIR, VIS, NUV) are desired for the Raman spectroscopy, and on the microscopy station the laser spot size must be variable down to 1 µm and the depth resolution during confocal measurements better than 1.5 µm.
Medical equipments, pharmaceuticals and personal care products, Spectroscopy devices