Detection and analysis apparatus

Notice number:
2014/S 116-204647
Contract Value:
GBP 550K - 562K
Notice Type:
Contract award notice
Published Date:
19 June 2014
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Performance location:
Not specified, but probably UK - check in full notice
The Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) of the University of Surrey is well-known inter alia for excellence in nano-electronics, with a particular emphasis on low-dimensional carbon-based electronics.As part of the University"s overall research strategy the ATI, supported by EPSRC, wish to invest in graphene deposition equipment that is capable both of low-volume supply of wafer-scale graphene films and of supporting continuing research into graphene and related materials. The ATI is tasked specifically to develop photo-thermal deposition of graphene.Our ambition is to develop a long-term relationship with a supplier to mutual benefit. A supplier who shares an ambition of translating ATI-developed technology to industrial scale exploitation to the benefit of the Regional, National and European economies is preferred.The University is committed to eliminating discrimination on grounds such gender, age, race, or religion. We require that our suppliers uphold similar values.The tool will be a vacuum deposition tool comprising linked vacuum chambers supporting Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), of catalyst material(s); Photo-Thermal Chemical Vapour Deposition (PTCVD), of graphene and related materials; and catalyst validation (CV), in a conventional hot-wall mode, in separated vacuum chambers with load lock transfer between at least the PVD and PTCVD chambers. Provision of an entry load-lock to the PVD chamber is preferred. The tool and the inter-chamber transfer may be arranged either as a series of linear transfers or as a central dealer. All of the chambers shall be connected to a gas analysis system, to be provided as part of the tool. Both the PTCVD and PVD chambers shall include ports to allow the later installation of micro Raman process monitoring. (The supply of the micro Raman system is outside of the scope of this process.) There is no requirement for vacuum transfer to the catalyst validation chamber.
Awarded to:
Manufacture and Supply of Graphene Deposition Tool using PT-CVD process
Tetreon Technologies Ltd, Washington (UK)
The Buyer:
University of Surrey
Laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses), Detection and analysis apparatus, Miscellaneous evaluation or testing instruments