Water-treatment work

Notice number:
2014/S 117-208126
Contract Value:
? -
Notice Type:
Contract award notice
Published Date:
20 June 2014
Closing Date:
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End Date:
Performance location:
Harrow Council wishes to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced Contractor to carry out Risk Assessments, monitoring and on occasion remedial works to approximately 73 buildings. These properties include schools, public conveniences, cemeteries, corporate buildings and parks. All services shall be provided in accordance with the minimum standards as defined in the ACOP, L8; ‘Legionnaires Disease: The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems', produced by the Health and Safety commission and to any amendments made to this ACOP and Guidance and produced during the period of this Contract.
Awarded to:
Water Quality & Legionella Prevention
Hertel Solutions Ltd., ()
The Buyer:
Harrow Council
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