Radiotherapy devices and supplies

Notice number:
2014/S 118-209746
Contract Value:
? -
Notice Type:
Contract award notice
Published Date:
21 June 2014
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Performance location:
NL11 Groningen (NEDERLAND)
This tender concerns the supply of the key medical equipment for PTCG b.v., Proton Therapy Center Groningen. This is one of the main contracts in connection with PTCG b.v.The Project, known as the Proton Therapy Center Groningen (PTCG) will consist of two treatment rooms that should provide a total capacity of 600 patients per year. In principle, the PTCG intends to treat all indications listed in the report of the Dutch Health Council (Gezondheidsraad): ultimate goal is to apply the highest quality proton therapy technology currently available in order to provide high quality radiation treatment for all indications mentioned in this report, in particular for pediatric, brain, head and neck, breast, lung and prostate cancer patients.
Awarded to:
Supply Cyclotrons and Adjacent Medical Equipment with an option for Operation, Maintenance, Expansion and Financing Options
IBA, Louvain la neuve (NL)
The Buyer:
Radiotherapy devices and supplies