Finding contracts BEFORE they are put out to tender (again)

Tenderlake is a fantastic service for making sure you become aware of any upcoming contracts or other procurement notices that are relevant for your organisation.

But now Tenderlake will also let you know when a relevant service or supply contract, which has been awarded maybe few years ago, is coming to the end.

This is important, because it enables you to get in touch with the buyer early to learn if they are planning to put the contract up for tender again, if they are planning to extend or renew the contract with the current provider, or if they have other plans.

If the buyer is minded to extend or renew the current contract with current provider, this may be your chance to convince them otherwise. 

Maybe things have moved on in the marketplace since the contract was awarded and the service or products can now be delivered cheaper or in better quality. Maybe there has been a technological development that will enable the buyer to get a better deal.

There can be many reasons why it’s a good idea to get in touch with a buyer before they decide on what is going to happen when an existing contract comes to an end.

To find contracts that are coming to an end in the coming months, simply search for contracts like normal, but also select a period from the “Ending in” - drop-down selector. (see picture)

Now, when you click on the found contracts, you will see the estimated ending date of the contract displayed (see picture).

To see all the details about the contract, including the contact details of the buyer as well as any specific details about the contract period, click on the “Full Notice” tab (see picture).

You can also create alerts/rules to notify you when a contract is coming to an end in the coming months.

When you are happy with your search you just, as usual when crating an alert, click the “Create Alert / Rule” button.

Consider letting the rule automatically move any identified opportunities into a new folder to prevent mixing this type of opportunity with new open contracts.

Remember to subscribe to the folder if you want email alerts. See this blog post about subscribing to folders. (opens new browser window/tab)

Do get in touch with any feedback or if you have any questions about this new unique Tenderlake feature.

Please note that we in some cases estimate when the contract is ending and that this estimate may in occasionally be imprecise.