Tenderlake Genius – Turn your website into a robot that hunts for contracts

Update 3rd August 2018: Tenderlake Genius, the technology described in this blog post, has been selected for the final of the EU Datathon 2018 competition - Learn more

Update 2nd October 2018: Tenderlake Genius WINS 1st prize in the EU Datathon 2018.

Just point Tenderlake to a page on your website describing a service, product or solution you offer and it will continually seek out new public contract opportunities…automatically, tirelessly and starting right now.

Finding public procurement opportunities can often be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. 

It can take a lot of experience, trial and error to create the searches that delivers all the right opportunities.

Tenderlake Genius makes the process of finding relevant opportunities incredibly easy. 

All you need is a piece of text that describes your organisation’s products or services. 

It can be a website or a document such as a PDF or Microsoft Word document.

Just point Tenderlake Genius to the relevant page on your website or drag the document to Tenderlake Genius.

Tenderlake Genius then reads and analyses your web page or document.

To make sure it has correctly understood what type of products or services you offer, it presents you with a list of historical contract opportunities of the type it believes you are looking to find.

Based on your feedback, Tenderlake Genius has now learned exactly what you are looking for. 

This enables Tenderlake Genius to immediately present you with any relevant open opportunities, and to keep a watchful eye open for any new opportunities that surfaces.

Every time it presents you with a new opportunity you can give feedback and thus continually improve its understanding of the procurement opportunities you want to find.

Let’s walk through an example:

First, click on the Content link in the navigation pane to visit the upload page.

In this case we are linking to a web page about gas boiler maintenance services, so we click the Add Web Page button.

Then paste the link to the web page into the box and click the button.

We are now presented with several historical opportunities of the type Tenderlake Genius thinks we are interested in. This is used to confirm and improve Tenderlake Genius’ understanding of the type of opportunities we are looking for.

By clicking on the title, we can inspect the opportunity in more detail before we respond with feedback on whether it is a good match for the products or services described on our web page.

It is good practice to first respond with feedback to those opportunities that are relevant, before giving feedback on those that are not relevant. The reason is that Tenderlake Genius learns with each feedback given and often updates the list of opportunities before we reach the end of the list.

Once we have given sufficient feedback we can ask Genius to start looking for relevant opportunities.

It’s often a good idea to select a folder for Genius to deliver the new opportunities into.

Now, Tenderlake Genius will constantly be searching for great contract opportunities for the products or services described on the web page we linked to.

When found, they are shown on the Results tab and delivered into a folder if you have selected one.

Remember to create an alert on the folder (Notices -> Alerts) to be notified every time there are new good opportunities.

If your content is in the form of a PDF or Word document you just click Upload Document instead of Add Web Page, and then drag your documents to the box on the screen.